About InfiniLean


          Hi! I'm Jencie Landry, the creator and owner of InfiniLean, and I’m
excited for you to try my product!
           I’m one of those people who started college with a set career
goal in mind. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I managed to fail chemistry
my first semester and then decided to switch to a business degree. Now,
I one day wanted to own a doggy daycare. I happened to be working at
one at the time. That plan didn’t work out, either, but I did find business
classes significantly easier and more interesting! I specifically enjoyed
the Innovation class I took, in which we were required to create and
develop a business plan. The InfiniLean belt idea was nonexistent at this
point. Although I graduated without knowing what career path I wanted
to take, I learned innovative ideas came naturally to me. I didn’t
necessarily always share them but, I would notice solutions to problems
everywhere I went.
            During my junior year of college I tried a free workout at my
hometown 9round, the kickboxing gym. I loved it! I became a member
and then started working there as a trainer. Right away, it was obvious
to me that your hands are restricted when wearing gloves and this was a
problem. I had already lost 56 pounds in college (after gaining the
FRESHMAN 40) so all of my bottoms fit differently, especially, as I
naturally have big thighs and a small waist. They just didn't fit correctly
and I noticed I was constantly pulling up my leggings - not easy with or
without gloves for boxing! I started to notice that others in the gym were
having the same issue.
             Well no more! After several trials and errors with design, I
developed the idea of the InfiniLean belt! I welcome you to try the only
thing on the market that will make your legging nightmare a thing of the
past. Don't buy new leggings-buy an InfiniLean belt