• The Belt for Beltless Bottoms

Keep It Up!!

Sound Familiar?

Do you have shorts, slacks, skirts, or leggings that constantly fall down? Can't hold them up, because they didn't come with belt loops, or an embedded belt?

Are you on a fitness journey resulting in your clothes getting looser but not enough to invest in a new wardrobe?

Did you just have a baby and want your maternity clothes to last a little longer?

Maybe you just want those favorite stretched out pants you've had for years to fit again.

The InfiniLean belt is here to solve all of those issues. The bonus? It will save you money!

"I am not usually in to gadgets for my workouts but this is a serious game changer!!!!! Got to try out the demo belt with my worst pair of leggings and.... IT WORKS!!!!! Squats, burpees, sit ups, running- it doesn’t matter, it will not budge! And it was comfortable!!!!!"

Meaghan E.

"Best creation ever, I swear my leggings didn't fall once"

Janae C

"If you have the same problem as me where your workout pants/leggings won't stay up then let me introduce you to the best invention ever"

Colleen A.

"The InfiniLean belt really works to keep my leggings from falling down. No more pulling leggings up after doing various exercises."

Gail S.

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